Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Huge Commercial Opportunity - Otto Market Complex Otto NC Hwy 441

Otto Market Complex - Commericial Opportunity in Otto NC!  Find more information and pricing HERE:

This is a large Commercial Property with Tremendous Potential for any type of business or conglomerate in Otto NC - Franklin NC.  The Otto Market Complex and Music Hall is located on approximately 19 acres in the beautiful Smoky Mountains of the Otto community. Located Just south of Franklin, North Carolina on a 5-lane highway (route 441/23), this property is situated on the main artery from major cities such as Atlanta, GA ,Greenville, SC and Gainesville, GA to cities like Asheville, NC, Knoxville, TN, Gatlinburg, TN, Cherokee, NC and Highlands, NC. The property fronts the busy highway and backs to the Little Tennessee River. Duke Energy is the main power supplier for this location and the water supply comes from a deep well, with enough water to supply an entire community. (Pressure checked at over 100 gallons per minute). The enclosed buildings, pictured here, each have two 25,000 BTU gas heating units. (All buildings erected in 1992).

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John Becker, Broker/Owner
Bald Head Realty
33 Pine Lane, Franklin, NC

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