Thursday, May 21, 2009

Franklin NC Real Estate Benefits from Lean Macon County Budget * No Tax Hike Seen

Franklin NC Real Estate Benefits from Lean Macon County Budget * No Tax Hike Seen

Residents of Franklin, NC, and Macon County have to be pleased with the efforts of County Manager Jack Horton who presented a lean proposal to county commissioners on May 11th. In his budget proposal to the commissioners, Mr. Horton introduced the recommended balanced budget for Fiscal Year 2009-2010, which is 10.17% below the previous years budget! The good news for Macon County Homeowners is that the new budget does not propose a tax increase, and the tax rate will stay at 26.4 cents per $100 of assessed value, currently the third LOWEST rate in the state of NC. Mr. Horton went on to say that despite the trim budget, Macon County, NC remains in an enviable financial position compared to many other NC counties. Mr. Horton said he expects less than a 1% growth in the tax base this year.. read the full story from the Franklin Press here. This is good news to local residents and those who are considering moving to Franklin NC, and Macon County. Being a resident in Macon County, one will find that small town government is more practical and workable than in the sprawling metropolis. It's great to know that I can run into Jack Horton and any of the county commissioners at my local grocery store. Franklin, yes, this is certainly one of the best places in America to live!

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