Saturday, May 23, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend Kicks Off a Fury of Activity for Franklin NC Real Estate Agents

Memorial Day Weekend Kicks Off a Fury of Activity for Franklin NC Real Estate Agents.

Real estate activity in Franklin NC is normally slow to non-existent in the winter months. But this past winter showed some positive signs that seemed destined to change that pattern. Good agents found themselves somewhat busy during this time which birthed a great hope for the Spring and Summer selling season here in Franklin NC. People from all over the continental US appeared in town looking for bargain homes and land for sale and Franklin was able to deliver. There are roughly 700 homes on the market at present, plenty to choose from of all shapes, sizes, and price range! The past three weeks Franklin NC has seen an influx of out of state license plates.. always a welcome site for real estate agents who are eager to help these visitors find the perfect vacation, or retirement home here in the mountains.... But this Memorial Day weekend... this is a sort of "Flood Gate Opening" for aspiring land and home owners coming into this area... Every agent I've spoken to in the last few days is booked up with clients and "showings" over the whole weekend.. Myself included! Franklin-ites look forward to having all these visitors in town. Franklin appreciates their positive impact on the local economy and welcomes them into our friendly community!

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